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The Mac Essentials bundle: buy one app, get eight free

The Mac Essentials bundle: buy one app, get eight free

by PeoplewareSeptember 27, 2015

If you think your OS X machine could be just a little faster — a little more efficient — this Essentials bundle features nine apps to sharpen your Mac’s performance for just $19.99 — roughly the same price you’d pay for any one of these titles on their own.
Included in the mix are a number of popular apps, plus others that are seldom discounted. The lineup includes:

  • Unibox: an innovative email client that makes email personal and enjoyable again
  • Noiseless: one of the hottest new apps this year, which makes low-light photos beautiful again (be it from your iPhone or DSLR)
  • Beamer: lets you stream virtually any media from your Mac to an AppleTV (1080p and 5.1 support included)
  • iStat Menus: an essential utility that puts real-time system info in your menu bar
  • Hider 2: for easily encrypting and hiding your sensitive files
  • Jump Desktop: one of the top-rated VNC/RDP remote desktop apps for Mac

Rounding out the Essentials bundle are NoteBook 4 (a robust note-taking app), App Tamer 2 (which improves CPU efficiency and helps save your battery) and Chatology (for quickly searching chat logs and archives, including iMessage and SMS).

The Mac Essentials bundle is well suited for casual and expert users alike, with substantial savings to be had even if you only add a few of the apps to your workflow.

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