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Cyanogen will get cozy with Microsoft’s Cortana

Cyanogen will get cozy with Microsoft’s Cortana

by Qwesi GyanOctober 13, 2015

You can use Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant on Android right now, but it’s not really integrated with Android. There’s only so much the developers can do when they don’t control the operating system. If Cyanogen has its way, though, you’ll soon see what Cortana can do when the gloves are off. The company has revealed that it’s working with Microsoft to integrate Cortana into Cyanogen’s custom version of Android, kicking Google’s own voice control to the curb. It’s not clear exactly how this will compare to the assistant on other platforms, but Cyanogen hints that it could offer better control over third-party apps than rivals like Google or Apple’s Siri. You could tell Spotify to play specific songs or playlists, for instance. The software should show up in the “next version” of Cyanogen OS, so you won’t have to wait long to find out how well this tie-in works.

SOURCE: International Business Times

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