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Ambush a friend’s browser with this crazy Chrome extension

Ambush a friend’s browser with this crazy Chrome extension

by Qwesi GyanOctober 14, 2015

There’s an insane new Chrome extension called “Shove” that we’re sure nobody’s going to misuse. As spotted by Wired, it lets you drop a web page onto your friend’s browser, and vice-versa. Unlike skeevier apps like Peeple, however, it’s strictly opt-in. Once both parties agree, they can open up links in each others’ browsers anytime (seriously, there are no limitations) whether you want to see men in belted sweaters or not. Putting aside the off-the-charts security risks, I tried it with my UK colleague Matt Brian and it definitely works as advertised — not only does it open a page up immediately, but it puts it front and center as the active tab.
The app could be useful as a way to share links quickly or even for browser “conversations” with GIFs, images or music videos in the place of words. If you can’t find any friends who want to play, there’s even a “Shovebot” script that will let you hit it with links and will hit you right back. As for the rampant potential for abuse or bullying, the creators told Wired nobody can contact you unless you let them. In other words, “this (app) is… for people who have at least mildly good judgement.”


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